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“Fast, casual, convenient and appetizing – satisfying your hunger for authentic Tex-Mex.”

Why choose Austin Grill Express? We're glad you asked. Austin Grill Express extends the highly successful, 20-year-old Austin Grill brand into corporate, educational and medical-facility dining. Consider these highlights:

• Food Cost averages mid-30% at market pricing
• Nutritional Analysis available for all recipes
• Our Austin Chicken Wings are grilled and baked, never fried
• Vegetarian options
• All food made on site with fresh ingredients
• Flexible menu options including Tex-Mex Burritos, Salads, Breakfast and Grill
• Limited Time Offers throughout the year
• Monthly Best Practice Conference Call support.
• Monthly Salsa of the Month
• Exclusive specials for Cinco de Mayo and Hispanic American Heritage Month
• Recipes tested for over 20 years in our restaurants

Contact us today to see how Austin Grill Express can increase satisfaction among your patrons and add value to your brand.

Questions about menus, recipes, ingredients, sales, start-ups and retail data information:
Steve Pierce, Brand Manager
Austin Grill Express
Thompson Hospitality

Questions about marketing materials:
Constance Brossa
Marketing Communications
Thompson Hospitality


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