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Austintacious Wings

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“Brand standards support success by replicating proven best practices.”

As an Austin Grill Express Operating Partner, you agree to the following:

  • Follow all recipes.
  • Keep a complete and updated recipe book in the unit.
  • Keep the station clean and all equipment in working order.
  • Order the correct food items for the recipes.
  • Use the LTOs provided, rotate menu items, and introduce AGX into your Chef Table schedule.
  • Stop selling other competing Tex-Mex items in the unit. Market all Tex-Mex as AGX.
  • Notify AGX when there is a personnel change at the AGX station, including management.
  • You are responsible for training the staff at AGX once we have conducted the original opening training. Continue to cross-train associates.
  • Conduct a monthly self audit and turn into AGX.
  • Use AG Fully Cooked Chicken Wings as they become part of your MOG.
  • Use AGX logo paper products.
  • Notify AGX of any issues you have with the operation, including sales trends and opportunities.

Questions about sales, start-ups and retail data information:
Steve Pierce, Brand Manager
Austin Grill Express
Thompson Hospitality

Questions about menus, recipes, ingredients:
Rommel Mendoza, Executive Chef
Austin Grill Express
Thompson Hospitality

Questions about marketing materials:
Shawn Overcash
Marketing Communications
Thompson Hospitality


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